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April 2019 Newsletter: Introduction to Allen Pharmacy

 It is with great excitement that I share with you that we are officially open for business!! For the last 3 years we have been partnering and helping your clients manage their medications!! I am proud to say it was the most satisfying job I have ever had. But like most of us in the healthcare and service industries I also felt like I had opened Pandora’s box. While you help someone, you also realize how much more work needs to be done and how can we constantly improve our services or the health of our patients.
That was the birth of Allen Pharmacy & Wellness. I can honestly say now, that there is not one problem that we cannot solve for our patients. We have thought of it all (I think ;))

  • Meds not covered by insurance: we will take care of it. Great cash prices available that beat any other prescription discount card prices.
  • Patient is not adherent: we will blister pack the meds by date and time and will also include OTC medications.
  • Running out of medications every week: we will sync them so you only make 1 trip to the pharmacy each month.
  • Can’t drive or live alone: we will deliver it (For Free: 10 mile radius).
  • What if Fluffy the cat or Lassie the dog needs something: we carry pet medications.
  • Patient is allergic to an ingredient in the commercial formulation: we will compound it.
  • Patient needs a walker or a wheelchair: we carry durable medical equipment.
  • Patient is traveling: we provide travel vaccinations in addition to flu / pneumonia / shingles shots.
  • Patient is not behaving like themself: comprehensive medication therapy assessment available FREE for Medicare Part D patients.(hurry this promotion won’t last forever)
  • Caregiver has a question about a medication: Free advice available upon calling the pharmacy.
  • Patient is not able to eat or drink: Nutritional and dietary supplements are all available. Registered Dietitian on staff to help patients figure out alternatives.
  • Patient only has Medicare Part D or Medicaid: we accept both of these.
  • We accept all insurances, even Worker’s compensation, Tricare and yes even CVS/CAREMARK plans. Same co-pays for you, your friends / families and clients.This one is for you caretakers/ heroes of the senior communities: If you know me at all, you know I am big into EDUCATION!! To stay true to my calling we have added community education classes to our long list of services. Watch our for topics of interest to you on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month!! If you have topics you would like addressed, please send me a quick message and we will try our best to include!!Last but not least, I would love to extend an invitation for you to come visit us and then give us an opportunity to help with a complicated patient! I will never ask you to give me your business – I will only request a chance to let me EARN your business and trust!!Please come visit, I can’t wait to show you how we can help. In the meantime, I am here to help with any of your medication related enquiries. Have a wonderful day & welcome to the Allen Pharmacy & Wellness Family!!


Deepa Pattani, PharmD, RPh is the owner of Allen Pharmacy & Wellness.  Dr. Pattani works one on one with patients, care-givers and other businesses to help prevent drug-drug, drug-food and drug-supplement interactions. Call now 972-372-9775 or schedule an appointment on-line at

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